THE FREEDOM OF CHOICE PICK FOUR Pack incl. The Illness 12"

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Choose ANY of these FOUR items from the ENTIRE Brokers Tip Records inventory:

Odd Pets 7" EP

Quattracenta 7"

Brokers Tip Records 100% Cotton T-Shirt (S, M, L, XL, 2XL)

Lucy Arnell 7"

Post Pink 7"

The Illness 12" (from Sea Records/features Steve West on Side A/Bob N on Side B)

Brokers Tip Records DJ Cap

Speed To Roam 7"

See Night 7"

Crooked Torus 7"

Piranha Rama 7"

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Email your FOUR selections to If you require an alternative payment method to the PayPal avails here (i. e. Venmo), we can work that out via

1st FIVE Orders will receive a bonus 7". 200th order in history gets the bonus of a Record/Travel bag.