The Brokers Tip Story


Brokers Tip Records started in Louisville around 1994. The Pale Horse Riders (mostly Chris Layton, Paul Oldham and I) made a few songs in the Oldham family basement and thought some people should hear it. I don't think anyone in their right mind would put it out, so I pursued the far-fetched idea of releasing it myself. I discovered a since burned down record pressing plant in Ville Platte, Louisiana. They got it done for us and we joyously made all of the covers mostly with glued on pics from old National Geographics and Sharpies. I have my copy and the others are scattered around collecting dust in odd record collections.

A few years later, Louisville had a great band called Speed To Roam with Paul O., George Wethington, Jason Hayden, Pete Townsend and Dave Bird. I thought they were being overlooked so I made them a 7". Again, I have one copy and not a clue where the rest are.

After a 20+ year hiatus, Schwervon! inspired me to get the label going again and my friend Greg Wheeler hooked me up with Christopher Langkamp at Sooperdooper Records ( in Madison, WI. Chris and his people make Brokers Tip go. Great releases by Odd Pets and Post Pink followed and further encouraged. Lately, a flurry of activity resulted in 7" records by Piranha Rama, Lucy Arnell and Crooked Torus.

My philosophy is the same. Put out vinyl records by great bands who may get overlooked in the dire, "who knows how it works" music industry that, for some unknown reason, has been kind to me. Brokers Tip is a non-profit venture. When you buy stuff here, all the money goes to the bands after the production costs have been recouped. (

Welcome to our first and only website! Check out our bands and their other music via their Bandcamp pages and websites. Please buy affordable 7" records, PayPal me and I'll get yours in the mail.

Recently, Brokers Tip relocated to Paris, Tennessee from Des Moines, Iowa. No one in either place seems to have noticed. But, we have.

Kind thanks,

Bob Nastanovich